Artplay Creatividad Visual

At the beginning of 2001 in the city of Barcelona, Artplay Creatividad Visual arose as a business selling modular display stand for fairs and events. We offered what today we know as roll ups, photocalls, counters and other solutions that are known today, but at that time were only just beginning to enter our market.

We wanted to add beauty and functionality to a sector that was scarcely developed in Spain at that time, providing reusable, light and elegant solutions. We continued our evolution and also began to sell and assemble stands, with re-usage and sustainability as the focal point of our offer.

En 2001 nace en Barcelona Artplay Creatividad Visual

But the distribution and assembly of structures was not the path we wanted to take…

as we could not always thoroughly control the production processes or put in the loving care, effort and guarantees we wanted to offer our clients.

That is what led us to develop our own products and participate in the whole creation and innovation process. In this way, we decided to begin manufacturing our own range of solutions with aluminium profiles and tensed fabric for the display of advertising media.

Perfilería para tela tensada

We became manufacturers, producing each order tailor-made and with the utmost care and quality we opened new markets as well as that of event organisation, such as temporary architecture, interior decoration and retail.

In 2009, the company relocated to Calonge (Girona), in the heart of the Costa Brava and expanded its facilities.

Artplay Calonge
Artplay Calonge
Artplay Calonge

Artplay was consolidated as a manufacturer of high quality, reusable tailor-made products.
Large-scale projects of great complexity, as well as completely personalised mass productions, proudly leave our workshops from the hands of our dedicated team.

Montaje de una caja de luz
Perfilería de aluminio par tela tensada
Montaje de un stand para feria

2016 saw the creation of the second company in the group: ImpressMe (which since 2021 is now known as Easyplay), specialising in large format textile printing and the distribution of easy to assemble, standardised systems.

We have recovered the essence of the beginnings of Artplay, as Easyplay provides reusable solutions to clients that they can assemble themselves.

Since then, we offer a comprehensive service to our clients incorporating machinery for sublimation textile printing and guaranteeing the best quality in printing and finishes.

Our long career in the sector, the consolidation of our personal way of doing things, combined with the tireless spirit of reinvention and desire to create products that are always beautiful, surprising and based on recycling mean that we are currently one of the reference points in our sector.

En 2021 Impressme pasa a llamarse Easyplay

The real motivations of Artplay are, without doubt, an interest in a job well done and the satisfaction that clients continue believing in us for their projects year after year.

Stands para feria

After 20 years of adventures, with many changes and some moments of uncertainty overcome, we can say that what really makes us grow is the desire to develop new ideas and trends and provide creative and sustainable solutions for our clients in the world of visual communication and interior decoration.

We shouldn’t adapt to change but create it.

Jorge González Moore

We live in constant reinvention. We like to say we are chameleon-like. And although there is no doubt that our ability to adapt defines us, the pillar that has kept us strong, constant and enthusiastic is definitely our vocation for caring for our clients, team, collaborators and the environment. This commitment to care allows us to create, search and imagine solutions that did not exist yesterday but that we can offer today…

This curiosity has also led us to start a new project that combines the efforts of the group to create an environment and way of doing in our sector that it more sustainable and responsible.

This 2021 sees the birth of Artcycled: a collaborative platform that contributes to the recovery of materials and their transformation into objects of design through the hands of artists and people at risk of exclusion.

Welcome to the Artplay Group.

Discover our combination of elements and structures that allow infinite possibilities in design and construction.

Our services

Design and Production

We design and manufacture modular exhibition and decoration solutions and manufacture 95% of our finished products. Our absolute control of the production processes allows us to fulfill deliveries with the tightest time frames and the design, development and manufacture of unique and custom elements.

We have more than 2000m2 in which we manufacture the entire range of profiles (frames, light boxes, exhibitors and stands) and all large format textile printing and its finishes.

We know the importance of attending an event or decorating a space. Therefore, we offer our clients our entire team with the idea of maximizing results, valuing factors as important as creativity, budget and the goal to achieve and taking care of details as important as image and profitability.


Our R&D department helps you to find the best solution for your projects, being able to develop specific solutions within our fields of action.

We will advise you on any product in which we can combine elements in aluminum profiles, rigid supports, LED lighting and textile printing to achieve structures and visual spaces in any shape and color.

Thanks to our experience and know-how within the world of visual communication, we base our analysis not only on purely technical and economic requirements, but also on an aesthetic and conceptual level.


We have one of the most complete ranges of aluminum profiles for frames of printed fabrics on the market. We continuously develop and design profiles for POS applications, commercial interior design, exhibitions, events and stands. That guarantees us a constant evolution of our entire range.

The extruded aluminum profiles meet the U.E standards and are served in silver matt anodized as a standard finish, and can be lacquered with kiln paint in any RAL color for special orders. We have bars with a maximum of 6 meters or any other presentation, thanks to our cutting and machining services. We can also bend the profiles and combine them with other materials.

We work for all types of customers and countries so we apply the traceability in all our production of light boxes for a correct monitoring and adequate replacement in case of incidence of any electrical component or led lighting.

Logistics / Picking

In addition to being able to produce and print with the best qualities and times, at Artplay we offer a picking service that ensures the best packaging (with resistant and sustainable materials) for each product and so that they arrive in perfect condition. We have an internal system of logistics and tracking of each and every shipment of our customers to multi stores or any event. We are in charge of processing domestic or international shipments through the transport agencies or manage the client’s own platforms.