Decoración de tiendas con Marco textil para pared.


Decoration of shops with textile frame for walls.

Expositores de cazado deportivo.

Sports shop

Lightboxes integrated in a sports footwear display.

Caja de luz para forrar columna. Clarins.


Lightbox to cover 4-sided column.

Marco con tela para decoración de tiendas de ropa.


Large format lightbox for interior decoration of clothes shops.

Caja de luz curvada para escaparte.

Óptica Persol

Curved lightbox for Persol optics.

Desigual. Caja de luz de pie en forma de prisma


Floor lightbox in the form of a 3-sided prism.

Mostrador textil con retroiluminación led.


Textile counter with LED backlighting.

Caja de luz de gran formato para fondo de caja en tienda de ropa.


Large format lightbox for back of till in clothes shop.

Caja de luz de gran formato para decoración de interior de tiendas de ropa.


Frame with fabric for decoration of clothes shops.


We develop display systems for advertising and decoration in shops and business premises. We use aluminium frames, stretched fabrics and LED lighting to achieve a greater presence and dynamism in your point of sales actions.

Agility and simplicity

The ever-changing needs of promotion and advertising mean it is essential to have a solution that allows flexibility and simplicity when changing campaign images and that, at the same time, guarantees the best of finishes for your brand communication. We print on high quality materials that are also recycled and sustainable.

Multiple options

One or double-sided free-standing displays, frames for hanging on walls or from ceilings and lightboxes with LED technology and the best print quality are some of the options to help your image stand out like never before.

Reusable solutions

All our solutions are reusable and very long-lasting. They can be sent to shops ready to assemble or already assembled. The manufacture of our lightboxes includes an exclusive tracing system to control and guarantee the best lighting and a flexible and precise after-sales service in the event of an incident in any point of sale.

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