CCCB. Expo itinerante internacional.


International travelling expo. Urban Public Space.

Exposición Espai Barça en las instalaciones del FCB.

F.C. Barcelona

Espai Barça Exhibition in the FCB installations.

Base Antártica y Exposición Génesis en CosmoCaixa.


Antarctic Base and Genesis Exhibition. Semi-permanent exhibition.

Museu de Arqueologia

Museu Arqueologia

“Villa Perfecta” Expo – Sant Pere de Galligants.

Exposición “Inconformistas del deporte” del Equipo Paralímpico Español.


“Inconformistas del deporte”Exhibition for the Spanish Paralympic Team.

Monet, la Experiencia Inmersiva. Ideal BCN

Ideal BCN

Monet, the Immersive Experience.

Memoria fotográfica. Ideal BCN

Ideal BCN

Photographic Report.

RCR Arquitectes. Creatividad Compartida.

RCR Arquitectes

Shared Creativity. Palau Robert Expo.

To the last detail

We study each project and care for it down to the last detail. From conceptualisation to execution. Our experience over the years endorses us and has enabled us to work in fascinating exhibitions and with the best clients.

Memorable experiences

We combine materials such as aluminium, wood and any other material to achieve the desired effect and meet our customers’ expectations. We create memorable, impressive and transformative experiences. Spaces with technology and interaction.
Enveloping spaces, interactive lit walls, large lit cubes; our imagination is the only limit.

Low environmental impact

We design and create durable and reusable structures which can be moved if necessary, achieving a higher cost-efficiency with a low environmental impact.

Recommended products for exhibitions

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