Aluminium frames


With stretched panel. Choose your model:

[ Textile wallframes ]

Lineartex small


This frame range can be placed at the wall or ceiling.

Structures for outlets, commercial or corporate decoration, as well can be used for stands’ assembly or as a complement at events.

marco de aluminio ultrafino imperceptible decoración pared


Extra slim

  • Faint frame
  • One-sided textile print
  • Inexpensive
marco de aluminio resistente



  • Strong and discreet
  • One-sided textile graphics
  • Very large sizes without screws
Cubo aéreo de seis caras aircube


Striking cube

  • Rugged and light
  • In-flight or lateral lifting
  • Allows six-sided display


The most versatile

  • Allows any kind of lifting
  • Double-sided fabric
  • Allows accessories
Marco aéreo para techo de stand con cantos redondos

Air Panoramic

Aéreo Panorámico

  • Ligero y reutilizable.
  • Fácil montaje mediante llave Allen.
  • Configurable en diferentes formatos. Canto rectangular o curvo.
estructura curva para stand de feria y exposiciones

Air Curved panoramic

Aéreo Panorámico Curvo

  • Estructura liviana y auto montable.
  • Ideal para aéreos en stands y eventos.
  • Disponible en cualquier ángulo con radios superiores a 75cm.

Are the frames reusable?

Wall Frame is the division of frames of the Lineartex range that can hanged on to the wall or hang from the ceiling.

All frames in this range are reusable because of the textile graphics system. This stretched fabric system allows changing the image quickly and easily.

Is it easy to assemble the aluminum frames?

Yes, these frames always include an assembly kit with instruction manual.

It is also possible to send it assembled. This option is just recommended for small or medium size frames.

Is it possible to illumine the frames?

Yes, the aluminum structures Stand Up Frame allow to place spotlights to lighten the graphs.

The frames with stretched fabric also admit to place accessories such as shelves, screens, etc. Each project is customizable and requires a previous study to evaluate the kind of material that we will use.

[ Stand up frames ]

Lineartex small


Range of structures with aluminum base and stretched panel for freestanding installation through brackets.



  • Allows one or two-sided fabric
  • Medium size
  • Supports accessories



  • Horizontal stand up
  • Double-sided textile graphic
  • Modular expansion
photocall curvado a medida, grandes marcas


Horizontal courbé

  • Horizontal curved
  • More immersive display
  • Medium Sizes
marco de aluminio gigante panoramico


Gran format

  • Horizontal with feet
  • Suitable for great spaces
  • Allows double-sided textile graphics
torre vertical totem con tela decoración stand


Tour verticale

  • Impressive and compact
  • Allows five-sided fabric (ceiling included)
  • Four-sided structure, portable
cubo gigante para suelo con gráfica en impresión textil



  • Portable aluminum frame
  • Six-sided textile graphic
  • Compact and striking

Are the stand-up displays shipped assembled?

We usually send the Photocalls and all the big products frames disassembled and even in spare-parts, to save on transport and storage.

Our aluminum profile systems are very easy to assemble and include instructions to simplify the procedure.

We always include an assembly kit with the necessary accessories and instructions.

Moreover, our customer service department is at your disposal for any questions that may arise.

Why Choose Stretch Fabric Display?

Unlike other exposition systems, stretch fabric displays offer a perfect and high-quality finish.

The fabric can be interchanged and reused as it can be washed and stored without any alterations.

We have different kind of fabric according to each need. We invite you to see the section Printtex for more information.

The fabric is ideal for covering large walls and for the creation of stands and events due to its high print quality that offers very intense colors providing sophisticated and welcoming environments.

Which textiles are the most suitable for these structures?

For stand up structures that will be placed on walls or in front of them, the most appropriate type of textile is the Banner, because it’s light and also for its price. For stands, or exhibitions made with self-portable displays, the ideal is the blackout as it is completely opaque and do not let light through it. The fabrics can be washed separately and always in cold water. Unwise to use dryers and dry-cleaning machines.