Interior decoration

Cajas de luz gigantes para Hotel Catalonia

Hotel Catalonia

Giant lightboxes for ceiling with dynamic animation.

Decoración con marcos y cajas de luz  para Indra

Indra sede central

Decoration with large format lightboxes with fabric and frames.

Cabecero de cama con marco textil simulando un paisaje.

Home decoration

Headboard with textile frame simulating a landscape.

Presentación exposición fotográfica Jaume de la Iguana.

Jaume de la Iguana

Jaume de la Iguana photographic exhibition presentation.
Palau Robert.

Cajas de luz para decoración de centro de fitness

Centro fitness

Lightboxes for entrance hall decoration.

Mostradores y cajas de luz para exposición de productos.


Showroom: lightboxes and counters for the display of products.

Adaptable systems

We have multiple and varied systems with aluminium frames and stretched fabric to decorate interiors and can be adapted to any design and interior design project. We surround any space with high quality images and the best finishes.

Low consumption

Discover all the backlighting possibilities we offer with LED technology. Our solutions are low consumption, long-lasting and come with options to dim the intensity or colour and thus create stunning dynamics.

Infinite possibilities

Dressing up a hotel room, decorating a home, refurbishing an office, creating windows where there are none, etc. Anything is possible with our lighting and frames systems.


Our team, with over 20 years’ experience in visual communication and decoration, will work with you to find the most suitable and bespoke solution.

Recommended products for decoration

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