[ What we do ]

We manufacture tailor-made brand display systems a medida on fabric with light reusable sustainable large format


[ What you need ]

We make it easy for you

Access the product your brand needs.

[ Who we work for ]


Museums and temporary architecture spaces with the most attractive and innovative visual content.


We create points of sale with spectacular images. Always get the biggest impact for your brand!

Interior decoration

Solutions with a special and different touch that the most visionary decorators and architects look for.

Cajas de luz gigantes para Hotel Catalonia


Marketing actions that look for an exquisite brand image, able to generate eternal memories.

[ What we offer ]

In any size and format, tailor-made to your creativity.

Infinite possibilities so your brand shines as it deserves.

From the most spectacular, giant lightboxes to the most exclusive and sophisticated formats with dynamic animations, with battery, or more ecological finishes, such as wood.

[ Our easy alternative ]

And for those looking for something more standard and functional…

Our own brand of easy-to-assemble portable structures.

Reusable and eco-friendly systems for those who need something very simple.

Move Your Brand

[ Our essence ]

Join the #actplay movement!

We consider ourselves to be activists for the positive change we would like to see in the world…

#actplay is much more than a philosophy, it is our way of contributing.

It was our dream and now, our challenge.

Join the #actplay movement!

[ Our most responsible project]

In our search towards this sustainable change, social awareness gives rise to our new upcycling project

A hub that joins the surplus production materials of responsible companies, such as yours or ours, with craftsmen that give them new life and also a marketplace that puts all that creativity within everyone’s reach.

Do you want to be part of the change?


Spectacular projects…

… happy clients