Our essence

We know that defining the essence of something is a complex task, but looking back on the 20 years we have behind us, we feel we have achieved it. Listening to what they say about us and why our clients choose us. Observing our daily life until we see where our enjoyment comes from, what makes us happy and keeps that initial spark alive in us.

Now we can state that our essence is based on and nourished by caring for our clients.

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Simplify their work and daily life. Prevent their worries and provide solutions to any unforeseen situations that may arise. Achieving their satisfaction. Create trust and peace of mind with quick and efficient service. This is our internal driving force, our heart.

Mundo Actplay

But that desire to care goes beyond our clients. Now more than ever, we feel we must move towards a better world by going further. We want to offer our care not just to our clients, but also to the other companies and professionals we work and collaborate with, starting from inside.

Spreading it also to our activity, improving our products, ensuring their origin, circularity and sustainability, and not just acting on behalf of the business, but for everything that surrounds us.

We want to move on to action and act, giving importance to what really matters: people and the environment.

We know we are not alone on this path. Luckily, there are many initiatives for change that are arising from many companies and people. And that makes us happy.

We want to unite and promote this responsible activism. For this reason, we have integrated this new attitude for change putting it at the centre of our essence as the focal point of our values and we have labelled it as the #ACTPLAY movement.

We know this change will not happen overnight, but we are sure that we want to be an active part of it.

We know it is a long road and that we are only at the beginning, but we know where we are going and we have already started to move forward…

Discover our first steps…

1. Responsible creation

We belong to a sector where we imagine things that do not exist yet. We give them shape and insist until we finally get it. We are part of a very creative, happy and dynamic world but which is also fickle, spoilt and self-centred.

The events, the advertising, the temporary, the innovative should not be at odds with what is sustainable, beautiful and responsible.

However, our sector is not very different from many others, which these days only look for productivity and excessive growth without stopping to assess the consequences.

Creación responsable

And the time of discount, when everything went, ended.

It is the consumers, the true pillars of our sector, who begin to demand responsibility of us and to transfer their environmental concerns and remorse to those of us who produce their promotion, decoration and event materials.

And really, that is our responsibility. It is up to us to rethink, redesign from scratch to be able to offer the sector beautiful solutions that are also responsible so that everyone: consumers, clients and producers feel aligned with our work and the planet we inhabit.

2. Involved production

Producción implicada

We must get involved in all our processes and make the effort to minimise waste in our production processes as well as in our clients’ communication resources.

Our job is to call on those who manufacture printing media that they no longer be “recyclable” but “recycled”, that the printing machines be efficient and non-contaminating, that packaging be sustainable, among many other things.

The events, exhibitions, shop promotions or graphic advertising must, no doubt, continue to exist, but as with so many other things, it is time to rethink them. To be daring and not limit our imagination.

Where we have started:

    Replacing contaminating materials for recycled materials at no extra cost for our clients or alteration to the quality the finished product.

    Transferring to our suppliers (who manufacture materials and machinery for this industry) our concerns and needs that inexcusably include environmental and social awareness. We have been doing it for years, and it finally seems to be making an effect!

    We are committed to working with local suppliers whenever possible and we ensure they work under ethical conditions.

    Proposing structures with sustainable materials that can be recycled as many times as desired, making the most of the initial investment and promoting responsible use.

    Including the possibility of repurchasing and/or rental of our structures to increase the efficiency and sustainability of our systems.

    Offering our clients the recovery of their used materials (in our case, printed fabrics and structures) through our collaborative upcycling platform: Artcycled. In this way, the clients who are worried about their production surpluses and waste can dispose of them in a dignified and responsible way, making it possible to give these materials a second life and promoting the employment of other people and entities.

3. Value or price?

Valor o precio

We must learn to give importance to what is really valuable. Leaving behind the widespread culture of “looking for products at any price” and replace it with finding the fair value of things.

If something is very economical, we must work out the hidden costs and trade-offs on an ethical and environmental level. We save money, but we lose values that may be much more important…

That is why we want to avoid getting into price wars that only impoverish and take value away from a job well done. We will always give our products the most adjusted price. Because our working processes are optimal and controlled and this enables us to guarantee the relationship between quality, ethics and sustainability of manufacturing with our clients’ peace of mind and investment.

4. The common good as an objective

Our objective is to contribute as much as possible to increasing the common good. That is why we have begun to correct everything that was not going in this direction, in our purchase, sale, production and personnel processes.

We are sure that the common good also includes our own. Because sharing, growing and helping should be done from abundance. Scarcity may sharpen the mind, but not the spirit of collaboration and unity.

El bien común como objetivo

We know it is a long path but as the creators we are, we imagine and visualise every day in great detail and this allows us to focus on it without distractions, moving forward confidently and with determination.

Do you want to join us on our journey?

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