Exhibition at Bormes History and Art Museum

Histovery, creators of immersive experiences in augmented reality, commissioned us to create a space to represent part of the history of Bormes les Mimoses in an interactive format.

In this space our boxes will be protagonists next to some luminous drawers and the novelty of some curved light boxes.

Customer: Histovery

Histovery. Augmented Visit service

Exhibition Desafío Dalí

Artplay and Easyplay have participated in one of their biggest projects: Desafío Dalí, the largest exhibition of Dalí’s paintings in digital format in the world.

A multitude of light boxes of various shapes and sizes serve to show the most representative work of Dalí, guided by a backlit ceiling with all the decades of the famous artist’s life.

Cliente: Desafío Dalí

Exposición Desafío Dalí

Ultrasound, from nature to medicine

We were fortunate to participate in a very attractive and informative project, this is the exhibition Ultrasound, from nature to medicine» at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona.

To show how a bat emits ultrasound, we had a dynamic light box with pixel LED technology. With the highest quality backlight textile printing combined with our animated light boxes, we are able to present and attract visitors to the exhibition in a very visual and didactic way.

Cliente: Vall d’Hebron

Vall d'Hebron Barcelona, Campus Hospitalari

Exhibition with light boxes for Caixabank

We are passionate about designing, producing and mounting attractive exhibitions that stand out for their values and social responsibility. This has been the case of the Expo that we have produced for Caixabank with the design and collaboration of GoGroup and TBR.Barcelona.

The project was long-distance and with montages in many cities in Spain. Therefore, we were clear that the best solution were light boxes and luminous cubes lined with fabric to visually communicate all the contents of the exhibition. It was combined with TV screens integrated into the textile frames and showcases where some souvenirs and trophies were exhibited.

Cliente: Caixabank


Exhibition with lightboxes for FCBarcelona

Artplay collaborated with the “Espai Barça” exhibition in the F.C.Barcelona installations through the presentation of the new Camp Nou stadium project.

More than 50 lightboxes were manufactured with aluminium framing and LED technology and more than 100 sublimation printed backlit fabrics .

Our large Curved Ledtex lightbox was particularly outstanding, where the future Barça stadium was presented. We also made large frames with tensed fabric to decorate the whole exhibition.

Customer: FCBarcelona

Logo FC Barcelona

Exhibition with lightboxes for Cosmocaixa

One of the most interesting exhibitions we have worked with due to the size of the lightboxes.

Particularly one of almost 5x5m, with our 18 cm thick Doubletex framing and manufactured with high-powered LEDs.

We also installed other models from our range of LED-backlit frames as part of the Antarctic exhibition at the Cosmocaixa in Barcelona.

Customer: Cosmocaixa

Logo Cosmocaixa

Exhibition with lightboxes for RCR Arquitectes

Project located in the Palau Robert for the presentation of the RCR Arquitectes display of works.

The idea was to create a very stunning and visual space that was achieved through the union of many LED lightboxes connected together to create a totally backlit space to project all the architects’ work.

We also integrated shelves, display cases and screens in the lightboxes themselves.

Customer: RCR Arquitectes

Logo RCR Arquitectes



Light boxes Perla Canaria

The light boxes are perfect for displaying any type of product in an attractive and striking way. Perla Canaria relied on Artplay for this communication at its points of sale, so they managed to extol the quality of their jewels and natural pearls.

Cliente: Tenerife Perla

Tenerife Perla

Light boxes with high brightness

We collaborate with INTECAT-APPLE, a customer committed to quality and that requires optimal solutions for the presentation of products in all its stores.

For them we have implemented a lighting system with flexible LED strips, which allow to illuminate more optimally the entire surface of the light box avoiding dark or fainter areas.

Cliente: Intecat-Apple

INTECAT Apple Store

Treatment cabin with lightbox for Estée Lauder

Through the composition of lightboxes we created a cabin with a door to hold product demos with clients.
The cabin was specially backlit inside and outside with out LED lightboxes and printed on backlit textile. Panel lighting is a unique and innovative way to communicate making the brand stand out from the rest.

This structure allows easy assembly and re-use in different points of sale and shopping centres.

Customer: Estée Lauder

logo estee lauder

Ceiling-mounted textile cube for Lacoste

With our frame designed for this solution, we managed to create a giant cube totally covered with fabric. The advantage of this frame is that it is hardly seen and only the brand image is visible.

This element can also be completely dismantled and re-used and is designed for hanging from ceilings or stands.

Customer: Lacoste

logo lacoste

Decoration for the shop Smash with printing on fabric

Set of frames made from aluminium and printed fabric from our Lineartex range for the decoration of shops of the prestigious young fashion brand. Using these tensed frames, we managed to create very dynamic spaces with a great visual impact.

These same frames have been used later on for photocalls in product launches and on international stands.

Customer: Smash!

Logo Smash

Composition of lightboxes for El Corte Inglés

Composition of lightboxes from our Ledtex range at El Corte Inglés points of sale. The main advantage is that once the lightboxes are installed, the images are easily changed depending on the shop campaigns.

The fabrics are printed using backlit sublimation and are top quality. They have silicon seams for very simple application on the lightbox without requiring any kind of special knowledge.

Customer: El Corte Inglés

Logo El Corte Inglés


Stands for Fairs:

Stand with textile printing for Casasol

For the Casasol stand we project a highly reusable solution, both at events and fairs and in their commercial stores. For this we use our aluminum profiling with stretch printed fabric

Cliente: Casa Sol

Especiaistas en hilos y cordeles

Stands para el Mobile World Congress

We used aluminum frames with stretch printed fabric and lighting by LED light boxes, thus creating backlit spaces that caught the attention of visitors.

The aim was to create suitable spaces for the attractive and effective presentation of products and services.

Customer: Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

Salón del Manga BCN

We have designed, manufactured and assembled three reusable modular stands of more than 100m2 each. They have been for SD Distribuciones – Tamashi Nations, Global Freaks and El Catálogo del Comic Ediciones.

We have used our modular systems of aluminum frames and textile printing with silicone, our wide and versatile range of light boxes with LED technology and our X-Module brand truss to label and illuminate spaces.

Salón del Manga de Barcelona

Fair Stand for Amgen

For our Amgen client, we created various adaptable stands for multiple configurations depending on the Conferences that the company attends.
Through the design and combination of wood and aluminium and printed fabric modular elements, we managed to meet the needs of each event.

With small changes to the configuration and graphics we managed to change the appearance of each one of their stands. No doubt, this is the main advantage of trusting in our systems of frames and tensed lightboxes.

Customer: Amgen

logo amgen

Fair Stand for Ledstar

The priority for our client was to present its LED lighting products in the most attractive way possible, but at the same time to be able to re-use it for other Fairs.

Of course, they did not hesitate to use our framing system with fabric combined with carpentry elements.

The result, a stunning stand that shone with its brilliant lighting and low energy consumption..

Customer: Ledstar

Logo cilogar

Fair Stand for Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank belongs to an ethical and sustainable type of bank. As a result, they were looking for a solution that was reusable and committed to their cause. The proof is that they have been working with our systems for many years due to the simplicity of their assembly and use of material.

They only change the fabric each time they launch a new product and in this way they manage to change the image of the stand.

Customer: Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank

Fair Stand for pHformula

Stand built with different aluminium frames and tensed fabrics. The most interesting aspect of this stand is that we assembled a shelving system to present their range of products.

Of course, the stand is portable and allows the brand to present itself internationally for a significantly lower cost.

Customer: pHformula

Logo phformula


Commercial interior design:

Lightboxes for Plaza Catalunya Hotel

On the ceiling of this central hotel, we hung lightboxes with fabrics printed using sublimation and LED technology, where we also played with the intensity of the light (dimmers) and RGB lighting (colour changes).

In this way, the hotel can present itself in many different ways depending on the images used and the options permitted by the installed lighting.

Customer: Instronic Group

Logo instronic

Lightboxes for fitness centre decoration

For this interior design project we worked with several kinds of lightboxes from our Ledtex range. Each space in the centre had to meet some technical requirements in terms of lighting due to the light contamination of the location.

In particular, we installed one of our largest lightboxes with high-powered LED curtains in the reception hall.