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We start to be part of the change

We start to be part of the change

We start to be part of the change --

With satisfaction, we see more and more companies are turning their practices and ways of working to make them more sustainable and responsible with the environment.

There is still a long way to go and far is still the goal of changing old practices that are not focused on caring for the environment and people, but every small step in that direction is important to improve our planet.

Sustainable production

At Artplay we have always had the concern to work with reusable exhibition systems, but to date, the printing of the media was far from eco-responsible. Neither the fabric manufacturers were for the work, nor were the customers themselves committed to these materials.

But something has been changing. More and more manufacturers have understood their role in this sector and have begun to take responsibility for their part.

Finally, some manufacturers have included in their offer fabrics from recycled material (in addition to recyclable) and more and more customers are demanding that their productions at points of sale and marketing actions are made with reused and quality material. We too have assumed our part in this complicated task.

In this sense, our first contribution has been to replace most of the fabrics we offer with fabrics of recycled origin without diminishing at all the quality of the finishes and assuming the cost of the same, without affecting the cost of our customer.

Frenar el deterioro ambiental

And since a few months ago we have started working only with recycled fabrics in a clear commitment to the care of the environment. These are polyester fabrics with 80-100% recycled origin that come from plastic bottles but that maintain their qualities and properties for printing. It is also a type of fabric that can be recycled allowing it to enter the production chain again.

We started with the Green backlight fabric, a polyester fabric with 80% recycled and 100% recyclable and ideal for lightboxes.

And shortly afterwards, we incorporated the blackout (opaque) fabric and banner (slightly translucent) with 100% recycled thread and recyclable in its entirety, for applications in frames and exhibitors for Retail, Fairs and Events.

In the following link you will find more information about our new fabrics: https://www.artplay.es/impresion-textil-printtex/

In parallel with this first step, we have given air and form to a new way of living and working.

In our section https://www.artplay.es/esencia/ you can find the summary of these guidelines that help us focus on our new goal of sustainability and well-being.

In our concern to close the circle of sustainability, the biggest challenge is the recovery of printed fabrics once they have already been used in any promotional or decorative action and end their function.

Discover how we give it a second life through our collaborative platform of upcycling https://artcycled.org