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Expo ultrasons

Ultrasonidos, de la naturaleza a la medicina

Expo ultrasons --

During the last quarter we participated in a very attractive and informative project with the exhibition: Ultrasound, from nature to medicine, exhibition located at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona.

This presentation has been promoted by the Diagnostic Service of Vall d’Hebron through the new line of research called FUSMED, which studies the therapeutic effects of high-intensity focused ultrasounds, and who belongs to the Vall d’Hebron Molecular Medical Imaging Research group.

Together with the collaboration of Lupagrafics, we have been responsible for the production of all the exhibition elements to present the advantages of diagnostic and therapeutic applications of ultrasound in medicine. To do this, we have exposed countless light boxes to appreciate and observe the basis of ultrasound in nature and its subsequent applications in the field of medicine. Through backlit panels and in a very didactic way and for all audiences, these studies have been presented and their use in new non-invasive treatments, for the destruction of tumors, an area in which Vall d’Hebron is a pioneer.

We also equip the exhibition with aluminum frames and tensioned fabrics, to show the different activities where visitors can experiment with ultrasound and see how ultrasound is performed live. The star activity was the reproduction of a cave of bats where you enter with your eyes completely covered and by means of an ultrasound device visitors must be guided to find the exit.

Visitors have been able to learn how nature observation, maritime navigation, The study of the seabed or industrial needs have favoured the development of ultrasound for the study of the human body and its application in innovative medical treatments. The bats have taught us the usefulness of ultrasound to orient in the dark, which has been transferred to maritime navigation and the world of industry. The sinking of the Titanic generated the need to detect an iceberg in the dark of night and in the middle of fog.

To show how a bat emits ultrasound, we had a dynamic light box with pixel led technology. Through the highest quality backlight textile printing combined with our light boxes with animation we manage to present and attract visitors to the exhibition in a very visual and didactic way.

Today, through different sources of energy, the human body can be observed and treated. Ultrasound uses ultrasound to get real-time images of the inside of the body safely, without irradiating. This makes it possible to assess, for example, the heartbeat or fetal movements. By focusing on one point the high-intensity ultrasounds we can produce heat or a mechanical destruction of the tissues (cavitation), which makes it possible, among other things, to treat tumors without having to make any incision or puncture the patient.

From 27 December to 9 January 2022 it was possible to visit the Agora room of CosmoCaixa. Anyway and for those who have not been able to see it, it will soon be exhibited throughout Catalonia since it has been designed to be itinerant. All graphic material has been produced with sublimation printed fabrics and recycled material in addition to frames and light boxes that are removable and reusable.


Esta actuación ha sido impulsada y subvencionada por el Servei Públic d'Ocupació de Catalunya y finançada al 100% por el Fons Social Europeu como parte de la respuesta de la Unió Europea a la pandemia de COVID-19.

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