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Mobile light boxes

Beuty Market, peluquería y estética profesional

Mobile light boxes --

We love to do itinerant events with reusable structures and backlit drawers. Customer satisfaction is total by the visual result and ease of assembly.

A good example is the project we did for Beauty Market. Some meetings in the sector of Hairdressing, Aesthetics and Aesthetic Medicine where professionals come to discover the newest of the moment.

To do this, they used self-assembly light boxes where each brand shows its products or services in the most striking and visual way. These light drawers are reused in each event that is organized periodically and only the image is changed in the event that another novelty or change the brand.

We also arranged some photocalls with aluminum profiles and fabrics for the different presentations of the meeting.

It goes without saying that for our light boxes we work with recycled backlight fabrics of the highest quality. We are still far from achieving more sustainable events but we are glad to know that we are on the road.

Discover how the last event was in the following video:


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