The Antarctica in CosmoCaixa in huge lightboxes

The Antarctica in CosmoCaixa in huge lightboxes

Artplay illuminates using 3 macro light boxes with LED curtains the Antarctic Base for the CosmoCaixa

Artplay Creatividad Visual has collaborated in the manufacturing and assembly of the showroom “Base Antártica y Exposición Genesis”, wich is open to visit until July, 31th in the CosmoCaixa space in Barcelona.

To this showroom we used the profile 26.35 double face from our Doubletex18 range; Three light boxes backlit giant, surpassing the four meters each one of them; Illuminated by high power perimeter LED curtains for the maximum illumination. Several slim light boxes of the smaller Slimtex model were also created; all them for backlit textile backlight printing.

All the Lightbox set was fabricated by an Individualized and Remotely adjustable Dimmer system and led lightning.



How are the 3 macro lightboxes with led courtains made?

We leave you a video where you can see the creation of one of the giant boxes’ to the project:

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