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Light boxes with high luminosity

Cajas de luz con alta luminosidad

Light boxes with high luminosity --

At ARTPLAY we accompany our customers in seeking new improvements with their brand image for the opening and decoration of their stores. For some time now we have been collaborating with INTECAT-APPLE, a customer committed to quality and looking for optimal solutions for the presentation of its products in light boxes in all its stores.

This time we have managed to implement a lighting system with flexible LED strips, which allow to illuminate more optimally the entire surface of the light box avoiding dark or fainter areas. In this way we can guarantee a more powerful and homogeneous lighting throughout the LED box.

This model of light box is available on one side, is fully mounted and its format allows to be screwed directly to the wall or hang as if it were a picture.

This type of backlit light box is available for small and large format boxes and you can also regulate the light intensity with a dimmer.

Its application is ideal for any retail sector, but also useful for other channels such as horeca, events and trade fair stands or congresses. Any opportunity is good to enhance the brand image.

Once again, we are pleased that customers like Intecat, supplier of Apple products, trust us to dress their stores with the best image through our backlit and high quality light boxes.


Esta actuación ha sido impulsada y subvencionada por el Servei Públic d'Ocupació de Catalunya y finançada al 100% por el Fons Social Europeu como parte de la respuesta de la Unió Europea a la pandemia de COVID-19.

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