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How to adapt the office or trade to avoid contagion and, in addition, improve your image!

Adaptar el negocios a protección con creatividad

How to adapt the office or trade to avoid contagion and, in addition, improve your image! --

When adapting a commercial or work space with the necessary safety and security measures it is normal that doubts arise.

Many companies are reinventing themselves to provide the necessary anti-contage protection equipment. Screens, dividers, panels… Faced with this situation, Artplay asked two fundamental questions:

  1. How to adapt the business while preserving its design and personality, or even improving it?

  2. How can we contribute to being environmentally friendly?

If we put these two ideas together, we have the result of the new Artplay product line. After working closely with our customers to help them adapt their workplace, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them here.

What anti-contage protection products do you recommend for my space?

Aluminium frames are without a doubt the most versatile, elegant, durable and safe solution for redistributing spaces. With the same structure, choose how you want to divide the spaces in each moment or situation.

Mamparas para exterior e interior fabricadas en España

Aluminium frames as an interior or exterior space separator.

The same frame allows the installation of:

  • Washable, insulated blackout fabric (printed or white)
  • High transparency flexible sheet, resistant, durable and washable.

Mamparas personalizables que se pueden imprimir en color o ser transparentes.

Mampara de protección en blanco, transparente o impreso

Protective screen in white, transparent or printed

How to adapt the space safely, with design and elegance?

With LINEARTEX & LAMINA CLEAR FRAMES we can make our spaces safer and, at the same time, optimize this investment in the medium or long term with quality elements and reusable at other times or events, when the situation is different from the current one.

Una mampara de protección retroiluminada

A protective screen converted into a backlit frame with indoor LED lighting.

Safer spaces and more harmonious environments

Our screens guarantee safety while providing harmony and comfort to the spaces. We cannot approach, but our spaces can welcome us, therefore the quality of the elements we use will be of vital importance.

Oficina adaptada y reconstruida con biombos

A protective frame with double-sided printed fabric. It not only protects, it also decorates the office.

What do I need to adapt my secure office without losing the personality that characterizes my company?

The answer is simple: Communicate fluently.

This point is very important. With our frame system, we can communicate in a simple and practical way. After all, it’s the message that’s important, isn’t it? What better than leveraging protection systems to give the office a new face?. At any time you can change your image with a simple fabric exchange taking advantage of the same structure.

Proteger la sala de reuniones con estilo.

Did you know we can add wheels to all your protective frames?

Your screens become adaptable to any situation

Base detail with wheels in aluminium protection frame

What material do I use? Can I adapt a safe environment with recyclable materials?

Since Artplay we have always promoted recyclable and reusable systems and now, after the Covid-19, we want to go a step further. So we offer our 100% RECYCLABLE materials: both recycled polyester digital printing, printed with water-based inks, and other environmentally friendly materials (such as our 100% recyclable aluminum). With the same quality and finishes as always but more sustainable.

  • Insulating, safe and washable.
  • Fully tailored and 100% reusable.
  • Adaptable and customizable to each event or campaign.
  • Transparent, opaque white, or full color.
  • It combines cutting vinyls on transparent sheet to communicate fluidly.

Protección individual en mesas de escritorios, personalizables, con logo de empresa

Individual protection on desks, customizable, with company logo

Protección para restauración, hoteles, comercio general o gimnasios

Protection for restaurants, hotels, general trade or gyms

How does the assembly work? Will I need to hire an assembly company to adapt my business?

The moment of truth has come. You’ve already bought your structures… Now what? We promise it will be easier than assembling an Ikea unit. Our aluminum frames are really easy to assemble. You only need an allen key to assemble them in 5 minutes.

Montaje de marcos de protección individual sencillos

The placement of the fabric has no mystery: around the fabric there is a silicone coating that easily fits with the fingers inside the aluminum frame. Just press your finger across the edge of the frame as if you were folding a paper.

In a couple of hours a single person can adapt an entire office or a whole business without hiring qualified staff or assemblers.

And teleworking? Home office.

There are many companies that after this paradigm shift have decided to incorporate telework partially or totally. Of course, if you do, you have to do it right. There is no need for the worker to «readjust the dining room» every time he has a zoom, meet or hangout with video conference. The best and most practical solution is to incorporate a VIDEO CONFERENCING KIT.

Kit de videconferencia para decorar fondos muy fácil

With the Video Conferencing Kit it is very easy to decorate backgrounds in an elegant way.

It is a tubular structure (roll up) with different sizes and you can hide/show in a moment. It won’t take up any space in your home and you can unfold it and save it in 2 minutes (guaranteed!) so you have the background image of your brand/company or the one you like the most.

—> The best? It is easily REUSABLE. That is… , that when you get tired of always having the same background in your videocalls, you can send us to reprint another, and you only have to pay for the printing of the new fabric. ¡ The structure is yours!

—> «And with the already used fabrics what do I do?» As we mentioned before, we bet on eco-friendly materials and recycling. So we manage old fabrics, transparent sheets and aluminum profiles for recycling. We manage the recycling of these disused materials turning them into objects that contribute to the employment of people at risk of exclusion as well as taking care of the environment.

—> The second best? If you want, you can print it on two sides… This means that you can have the «professional face» for your videoconferences, and the «personal face» with the impression that you most want to have at home when the dining room is «dining room» and not «office/dining room»

Diseño de Retícula Cobarde para decorar con humor

Decorating your workspace with humor makes a difference.

You see that for whatever your situation we have a solution to offer you. At Artplay we have been designing and manufacturing spaces for more than 15 years: from offices to large stands for fairs and events. We love our work and, it is our mission!: to offer you design solutions to make visual communication spectacular… And now, too, safe.