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Expo Caixabank: Sports mavericks

Exposición "Los inconformistas del deporte"

Expo Caixabank: Sports mavericks --

One of the works that we are most passionate about is designing, producing and mounting exhibitions that are attractive and also stand out for their values and social responsibility.

This has been the case with the Expo we have produced for Caixabank with the design and collaboration of GoGroup and TBR.Barcelona.

The exhibition gives voice to all those Paralympic athletes who through their achievements have inspired us with their effort, sacrifice and constancy. With them we recall some of the great moments and curiosities of the history of Paralympic sport.

The project was of long distance and with assemblies in many cities of Spain. Therefore, we were clear that the best solution were light boxes and light cubes lined with fabric to visually communicate all the contents of the exhibition. It was combined with TV screens integrated into textile frames and showcases where some souvenirs and trophies were exhibited.

The result of working with light boxes was a very luminous and visual exposure that could also be moved and adapted to any space without compromising the design.

In addition all textile production for the light cubes and textile frames was printed with recyclable fabric to achieve greater sustainability to the project. All the material of the expo is reusable, both aluminum profiles and fabrics that can be recycled again.

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