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Exhibition Desafío Dalí

Desafío Dalí, la mayor exposición de cuadros de Dalí en formato digital.

Exhibition Desafío Dalí --

Artplay and Easyplay have participated in one of their biggest projects: Desafío Dalí, the largest exhibition of Dalí’s paintings in digital format in the world.

Boxes of light, audiovisual, virtual reality and augmented reality are some of the technologies devised by Botey, company of design and assembly of events and ArtDidaktik, organization specialized in the education and dissemination of art, to put together this scenic experience of more than 2,000 square meters.

More than 160 works by the author selected by the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation that you can see with our systems of light boxes and textile printing at the recently opened exhibition in Madrid.

An exhibition that offers the visitor an immersion in the Dalinian universe… and that reaches a connection between the rational and the emotional.

An introduction to the dreamlike world of the artist, both in his obsessions and in his works and that allows to know the artist from a different and personal prism.

Many boxes of light take you into the exhibition to see the most representative work of Dalí, guided by a backlit ceiling with all the decades of the famous artist’s life.

The adventure begins when the visitor plays a podcast that introduces him to the origin of the artist with some strokes on his essential biographical data that allow him to understand the development of his career. The main purpose is to bring the person closer while the influences and conditioning that shaped his work are put on the table.

Artplay has produced all the light boxes and aluminum frames of the project, using different types of profile and lighting. The large luminous drawers have been manufactured with a larger profile to be able to use high power LEDs and give more visibility and impact to the frames.

Special effort has involved the creation of the ceiling with curved light boxes connected to each other and with different slope. In this case, we use LEDs throughout the rear to ensure the homogeneous luminosity of the luminous drawers in each of the painter’s decades.

We have also produced all the curved spaces of the Exhibition with aluminum frames with stretch fabric and especially the virtual reality room augmented with giant light boxes and curves.

This exhibition is not only immersive, it is something very original and unique because it allows you to enter and see Dalí’s paintings. Thanks to the high resolution and size of the images captured in our light boxes, you can appreciate all kinds of details that in the original size boxes could not be appreciated or would go unnoticed. In them you sense all the creativity and genius of the artist and the hidden symbols in a different way.

The graphic part by Easyplay has been printed with UVI Led technology and with recycled fabric of the highest quality, taking care of all the details in terms of resolution, quality and finishes.

Sin duda ha sido una oportunidad increíble haber podido trabajar de la mano de Botey y Art Didaktik, artífices y creadores de este espectacular proyecto. En Artplay y Easyplay lo que hemos hecho ha sido darle forma a una idea que inicialmente parecía muy loca y compleja pero de la que nos sentimos muy orgullosos con el resultado final.

Undoubtedly it has been an incredible opportunity to have been able to work with Botey and Art Didaktik, architects and creators of this spectacular project. In Artplay and Easyplay what we have done has been to shape an idea that initially seemed very crazy and complex but of which we are very proud with the final result.

We put all our energy, experience, originality and charm in each of the works we do. But this project has been special for its size and uniqueness. A project where all departments of design, innovation, production and assembly have participated and where our essence and capacity for innovation and adaptation is reflected.

What is Desafío Dalí?

The exhibition can be seen until 7 March 2023 in Ifema (Madrid). It uses virtual and augmented reality technology to integrate the immersive experience into traditional exhibitions and complete the exhibition with multimedia educational content.

Developed by ArtDidaktik under license of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, it takes the viewer to enter for 90 minutes in a Dalinian labyrinth through canvases in light boxes, vinyls, screens, 3D glasses, augmented reality, virtual reality or micromappings, all with the guidance of an audio-story. Thanks to the use of these technologies, ‘Desafío Dalí’ is able to offer a chronological journey of his life, sensorial and enveloping that transports us to the temporal and physical space in which Dalí lived.


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