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Events also think about the environment

Los Eventos también piensan en el medioambiente

Events also think about the environment --

How to make your events more sustainable?

After this mandatory stop that we have seen as our planet was recovering, has reduced pollution, consumption and therefore waste, from the companies that we are dedicated to the world of events, It has also made us rethink how we want our sector to be, which footprint we want to leave and if we are willing to do nothing.

We are increasingly aware of the need to think about the environment, and this does not exclude events. Fortunately, sustainability is taking its place day by day in events as well.

That is why we have decided to give you some tips to be sustainable in our work:

  1. 1 Use sustainable materials, that do not harm the environment or that their impact is minimal, either because they are ecological, recycled or reusable.
  1. Utilizar sistemUse reusable, eco-sustainable and long-lasting exposure systems. There is a growing offer in this regard and it is at the time of organizing or deciding our participation in an event that we should take these aspects into account.
  1. Locate the event in an easily accessible location, where public transport will arrive or offer public transport, or green initiatives.
  1. Sustainable gastronomy, in this aspect we have to see what the great chefs are struggling to make us aware of this, in a country like ours with an incredible variety of healthy foods, we can not overlook offering local products, in season, with ecological /reusable packaging, try not to have surplus food and if you could not avoid looking for an alternative solution for this. Food banks, etc.
  1. To encourage the selective separation of waste and the reduction of waste, the aim is to make it easier for people who participate in any way in the event, from suppliers to visitors, to generate waste, arrive at a recycling plant or find an easy and efficient recovery process.
  1. LOCAL ECONOMY: to promote the local socio-economic environment, to try to generate employment and wealth in the environment close to our event, to monitor the working and safety conditions of employees, to try to hire disadvantaged groups, as we have said, have local suppliers, and favour new companies and those who are already aware of the importance of global sustainability.
  1. Accessibility to all people, not only in the accesses for people with mobility disabilities, but offering solutions for all disabilities, can be a challenge and at the same time something comforting and creative. Audio guides for blind people, or in different languages, staff trained to speak with sign language…