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Backlit cubes

Cubo iluminado para stand de EADS

Backlit cubes --

There is no better way to shine in an event than a structure that illuminates and communicates a message on all its faces. So are our backlit cubes with aluminum profile and fabric tensioned backlight to impact long distance.

They are used at floor level or hanging from the ceiling and are the ideal call for stands, exhibitions or outdoor and night events.

The lighting is by LEDs and is not marked as it is strategically placed inside the textile cube to avoid shadows on the image. Currently we have a battery system to remove the wiring and not depend on an electrical connection. There is also the possibility to illuminate with RGB system, achieving color and intensity changes.

It is currently a very popular product for its low cost and visibility. In addition, LED cubes are reusable and can be disassembled.

More information can be found at https://www.artplay.es/en/lightboxes-ledtex/ledtex-cube/


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