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Artplay in the 'Salón del Manga'

Stand de Artplay para ECC Comics en el Salón del Manga

Artplay in the ‘Salón del Manga’ --

The Manga Hall enjoys enormous success and attracts a lot of visitors every year. The Artplay Group has designed, manufactured and assembled three modular and reusable stands of more than 100m2 each.

In this edition, we have had the pleasure of working for SD Distribuciones – Tamashi Nations, Global Freaks and El Catálogo del Comic Ediciones, three companies that participate each year in the Manga Show and are a benchmark for their sector.

In the three stands we have used our modular systems of aluminum frames and textile printing with silicone, our wide and versatile range of light boxes with LED technology and our X-Module brand truss to label and illuminate spaces.

We have also manufactured aerial structures with stretched frames to give more visibility and personality to the stands.

The use of backlit showcases with cubes and light boxes has made a difference when it comes to exhibiting their most artistic and innovative pieces at the fair.

We have printed the entire graphic part with our recycled textile using our UVI and sublimation large format printing machines. The textile used is polyester and comes from the recycling of plastic bottles.

All of them have purchased the system to reuse the stand at future fairs and give the highest return on their investment, contributing to a more sustainable horizon.


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