About us

En artplay somos un equipo humano de profesionales en el sector de exposición


We started in 2001 in Barcelona city. Artplay Creatividad Visual was born as a modular exhibitors project for fairs and events. We wanted to bring charm and functionality to an under-developed sector at that moment, bringing reusable, light and elegant solutions. We continue our evolution with the sale and assembly of stands using modular exhibition systems.


However, the distribution and assembly of structures was not the way we wanted to take…

Very often, a company keeps a professional career, without thinking about what really inspires the team. This was not our case.

  • We must not adapt to changes but generate them.”

    Jorge González Moore

Therefore, we wanted to develop our own products and join the whole creating process and innovation in order to offer better products. So that, we started to produce our own range of products and solutions for the advertising product exhibition.

Becoming manufacturers, producing our own customized products with the utmost care and quality, opened new markets to us besides the events organization, such as ephemeral architecture, interior design or Retail.

In 2009, the company relocates to Calonge (Girona) in the heart of Costa Brava, and expands its facilities.




Our long history in the business, the consolidation of a team full of passion and enthusiasm combined with the tireless spirit of reinvention and the willingness to always create beautiful and surprising products, makes us a current benchmark in our sector.

The true motivation of Artplay is the taste for the well-done work, the best deal with the customer and the satisfaction that the clients continue to entrust us their projects year after year.

After fifteen years of adventure, we can say that what truly makes us grow is the concern to develop new ideas and trends and provide creative solutions for our customers in the world of visual communication.




We are a company that does not cling on its own rules of the game, but lives in the constant reinvention of them. What defines us is our capability of adaptation. We like to say we are versatile. We do not like to stay quiet we are in constant evolution.

We invite you to discover our combination of elements and structures that allow infinite possibilities in design and construction.

Welcome to our world, welcome to Artplay.



Creative and innovative company that provides solutions to its clients, in the business of events organization and marketing, interior design, ephemeral architecture and retail to please their needs of visual communication through the design and manufacture of advertising media.

En artplay somos fabricantes de nuestros propios productos


Artplay’s vision is to be recognized as a manufacturer of its own product at European level, to lead the market of manufacturers of advertising media on a national level and at the same time be able to develop new ideas and trends and satisfy latent needs in its main markets attracting and keeping the talent in the yes of its organization.

En artplay valoramos el respeto y los valores de compañerismo, trabajo en equipo y confianza mutua.


Artplay fulfills its mission through an excellent and human treatment with its customers and the others collaborators. Artplay has as a fundamental value, the respect and mutual trust promoving the team culture and the implication on its organization.

Our brands

Created to cover our costumers needs.



Our R&D department helps to find the best solution for your projects, being able to develop specific solutions inside our fields of action.

We will advise you about any product in which we can combine elements in aluminium profiles, rigid supports, led lighting and textile printing to achieve structures and visual spaces in any shape and colour.

Thanks to our experience and “know-how” inside the visual communication world, we not only base our analysis in purely technic and economic requirements, but also in aesthetic and conceptual.




perfileria-aluminio-a-medidaWe have one of the most complete range of aluminium profiles for placement of printing textiles in the business. We continuously develop and design profiles for point of sale applications, commercial interior design, expositions, events and stands. This guarantees a constant evolution of our entire range.


The extruded aluminium profiles meet the U.E standards and are served in anodized silver mate as a standard finish. It can lacquer with baked painting, under request, in any RAL colour or sublimation panting with textures, for special orders. We have bars with a maximum of 6 meters or in any other presentation, thanks to our services of cutting and machining. We also can bend the profiles and in some cases apply rigid supports in direct printing.


The catalogue also contains a large range of complements and accessories for any structure o application in which we will be happy to advice, depending on the needs of each project.

Design and Production



At Artplay we are manufacturers of modular exhibition solutions, we manufacture almost all of our finished products.

We have two ships with more than 200 m2. In one of them, we manufacture all the division of profiles (frames, light boxes, expositors and stands) and in the other, all the division of large size textile printing, as well as finishes.

At Arplay we know the importance of attending an event or decorating a space. That is why we make our team available to our customers with the idea of maximizing results, valuing factors as important as the creativity, the budget and the objective to achieve and taking care of the standards.